An addctive iOS game

By Dominik Ferber

An addicitve game where players challenge each other to draw random objects and others need to guess their drawing.

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react-native allows React developers to write iOS applications. I was really curious about development of native applications, so I set out to build a mobile game in my spare time. After around three months, the game was completed. I explored a lot more than I initially had set out for. The game featured notifications, group chat, a friend system, camera access and image upload. It was powered by RethinkDB and node.js in the backend.

My highlight was that it got accepted into the App Store. It received a few downloads from friends, and we played plenty of matches together and sent hundreds of messages over the next few months.

Unfortunately, the application is no longer available as I did not continue to pay the fee for the Apple Developer Program. Building the application was a very enriching experience and I learned a lot from it!

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Dominik Ferber

I'm a freelance Software Engineer and Consultant specialising in React. Since 2015 I've successfully helped enterprise and small companies from all over the world with their frontend work.

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