Dominik Ferber

Dominik Ferber

I'm a freelance Software Engineer and Consultant specialising in Next.js and React.

Since 2015 I've successfully helped enterprise and small companies from all over the world with their frontend work.

I'm currently building, a suite of tools to run Next.js applications in production.

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This is a list of websites, apps and other stuff I made.

Terminal Game

Mamba Game


As a child I played this one weird game where you are a tiny spider and you have to scare a claustrophobic snake away.

Today I rewrote the game from memory and published it as an npm package. You can play it from your terminal with one command only.

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web app



HappyTiles is an online photo collage creator for posters. You can use it to create your own poster in a few simple steps and have it printed and delivered to you with free worldwide shipping.

I used this project to learn about accepting payments with Stripe, advertising on Instagram and Google, and live chat with Drift. It has been my first time building a site where I sell something myself and I loved the experience so far.

Read this article for a full writeup of my experience making and marketing HappyTiles.

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Curious about how npm's download counts work, I ended up building which lets you view the download history of any package published to npm.

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iOS Game



An addicitve game where players challenge each other to draw random objects and others need to guess their drawing.

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Meteor Daily


Meteor Daily was a daily digest of everything happening around Meteor. I scraped all related news and published a digest of them almost every day from 8th of August 2014 until 29th of March 2015.

The project had over 13k page views since its inception. I eventually stopped using Meteor as I wanted more control over the stack, and so the projected ended as well.

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Singapore Blog


When I lived in Singapore in 2014, I blogged about our stay there. I built the blog myself to keep friends and family updated about us.

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