Dominik Ferber

Dominik Ferber

I'm a freelance Software Engineer and Consultant specialising in Next.js and React.

Since 2015 I've successfully helped enterprise and small companies from all over the world with their frontend work.

I'm currently building, a suite of tools to run Next.js applications in production.

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This is a list of things I published.


Test a Render Prop!


enzyme is a hugely popular library for testing React components. While contracting for Commercetools, me and my teammates found it a bit inconvenient to test render props with enzyme and we had plenty of them after their epic rise in popularity.

My coworker Tobi and I built an extension for enzyme which removes the overhead of testing render props called @commercetools-frontend/enzyme-extensions.

I wrote the "Test a Render Prop!" article as a homage to the hugely popular Use a render prop! article. It is supposed to be the missing testing section of the original.

The developers behind enzyme have since reached out to us and we helped integrate the renderProp test helper of enzyme-extensions into the v3.8.0 release of `enzyme`, which I'm very excited about!

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Linting Meteor Applications


This article will introduces code linting. It shows how linters are useful, how to set them up and how to integrate them into Meteor projects, Continuous Integration and your editor. It also introduces eslint-plugin-meteor, a tool I created specifically for linting Meteor projects.

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Real World ES6 Examples in Meteor


This article shows practical examples of how ES6 eases the day-to-day development in Meteor. It helped educate many developers about the new language features.

I also gave a spontaneous talk about it at a Meteor meetup in Munich. The article received over 10k views since then.

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ES6 in Meteor


JavaScript as we use it today is based on the ECMAScript 5 standard. All commonly used browsers and node.js support it. The next version of ECMAScript (ES) is going to be ES6.

This article shows how to enable new JavaScript features in Meteor. It received almost 15k views since I wrote it in 2015. My goal of this article was to help the Meteor community to adopt ES6.

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