Dominik Ferber

I'm a freelance Software Engineer and Consultant specialising in Next.js and React.

Since 2015 I've successfully helped enterprise and small companies from all over the world with their frontend work.

I'm currently building, a suite of tools to run Next.js applications in production.

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Test a Render Prop!


enzyme is a hugely popular library for testing React components. While contracting for Commercetools, me and my teammates found it a bit inconvenient to test render props with enzyme and we had plenty of them after their epic rise in popularity.

My coworker Tobi and I built an extension for enzyme which removes the overhead of testing render props called @commercetools-frontend/enzyme-extensions.

I wrote the "Test a Render Prop!" article as a homage to the hugely popular Use a render prop! article. It is supposed to be the missing testing section of the original.

The developers behind enzyme have since reached out to us and we helped integrate the renderProp test helper of enzyme-extensions into the v3.8.0 release of `enzyme`, which I'm very excited about!

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About me

I graduated from with a B.Sc. in Computer Sciences. After that I lived in Singapore for 6 months. Then I co-founded a company in Munich, supported by the EXIST scholarship for founders. Since 2015, I’ve been traveling the world while working as a freelance Software Engineer helping clients build web applications.


On GitHub, I currently have - - - public repositories, - - - public gists and opened - - - issues. I wrote - - - issue comments and opened - - - pull requests. I starred - - - and contributed to - - - repos. I am following - - - people and have - - - followers.

I regularly write on Medium and I'm an editor of the Frontend Digest publication.

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When I'm not coding I love to travel around the world. I've been to 30 countries so far. I post my travel photos to Instagram.

Work with me

As a consulant and frontend developer I help my clients build web applications. Over the last years I gained experience in versatile parts of the frontend. I worked as a UI architect, on feature teams, frontend infrastructure and as the intersection of developers and designers. The work ranged from highly technical infrastructure setup to creative work like building a Design System.

I'd love to get to know your web application to see how I can help out. I work both remotely and in-house. I usually work with React, React Native, Apollo, GraphQL, Webpack, node, and databases and services like Prisma, MongoDB and RethinkDB.

Send an email and let's find out what we can achieve together.

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